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Creemee Machine Rental

Add a sweet treat to your special event by serving

Maple Creemees!!

Rent our portable Maple Creemee Machine and serve swirling towers of delicious maple soft serve ice-cream at your next event! Your guests are sure to love this Vermont Favorite! We'll include our Maple Creemee Mix and all the supplies you need!


$175 deposit due at booking (Goes towards Creemee Machine)

Creemee Machine


*Subject to 6% VT Use & Sales Tax

Our single flavor Creemee Machine weighs about 90lbs, the dimensions are 9.4" wide X 29.7" deep X 30" tall. It plugs into a regular 110V outlet. It's easy to operate and only takes about 15 minutes to make the soft serve ice cream.

This machine will not run on a generator unless a "clean power" generator is used, meaning it maintains its frequency and voltage.

Portable Refrigerator/ Freezer


*Subject to 6% VT Sales & Use Tax

The portable refrigerator/freezer is equipped with 120/240V and 12/24V DC adapters so you can plug it in your vehicle's 12V outlet, as well as any 120V wall outlet. It will keep your Creemee Mix cold during transport and offers additional cooling capacity at your event.

Creemee Mix and Supplies

  • 1 Bag (2.5 gallons) - approx. 50 servings - $85

  • 2 Bags (5 gallons) - approx. 100 servings - $170

  • 3 Bags (7.5 gallons) - approx. 150 servings - $255

  • 4 Bags (10 gallons) - approx. 200 servings - $340

Includes: Ready-to-use Maple Creemee Mix made with our own Maple Syrup, cake cones, gluten-free cones upon request, 6oz paper cups, spoons, napkins.

Cleaning Fee


We ask that you run at least one tank of warm water through the machine after your event. This will prevent the mix from sticking and clogging the internal parts of the machine. Once it returns to us we will thoroughly clean and sanitize the equipment.


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How to use our
Maple Creemee Machines

Thank you for renting one of our Maple Creemee Machines! Check out this video on how to operate the machine for your event and on how to clean it before returning it to us. Please let us know if you have any questions about using the machine or about the rental process!

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