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About Us

Silver Lake Syrups is locally owned and operated by the Withington Family in Barnard, VT. Known for our old-fashioned maple syrup, we also offer a variety of handmade Vermont goodies from small batch, unique syrups, to maple creemees, vinaigrettes, fresh eggs, pies, and so much more!

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For Eric Withington, maple sugaring has always been a hobby enjoyed with family and friends. In 2017, Eric decided to make his dream of owning a sugarhouse a reality. With help from loved ones, he began building his sugarhouse using lumber milled from trees on his property. Soon after, Silver Lake Syrups officially opened in March, 2018! Since then, we have added many homemade products and love to share this Vermont tradition with everyone who visits!

Meet the Team



Growing up in Vermont, Eric learned the art of maple sugaring while spending time in his uncle's sugar house. During the spring months, he helped tap maple trees and gather sap from hundreds of buckets. He delivered sap to the sugar house where it would be boiled in a wood-fired arch and turned into maple syrup.


The memories Eric made with his family, boiling syrup the old-fashioned way, inspired him to begin his own journey in maple sugaring. With the help of friends and family, Eric began building his own sugar house in Barnard, VT with lumber made from trees on his own property. In 2018, Eric and his family were finally ready to tap trees, mount buckets, and boil sap just as he had in the past.



Growing up in Austria, Eric's wife Sonja also has fond memories of her family using what was readily available in nature to create a variety of different products. Sonja and her family spent many days in the forests of Austria gathering fresh greens, flowers, berries, and herbs. She learned how to turn these gatherings into herbal teas, syrups, home-remedies and other specialties.


After moving to rural Barnard, VT, Sonja discovered the same plants, flowers, and trees she used to harvest in Austria. With the help of her mother, her two daughters, Kimberly and Britney, and her husband, Eric, Sonja has rekindled her passion for creating natural syrups and products.



Sonja's Daughter, Kimberly, grew up in rural Vermont only hearing about the joys of sugaring. When Eric and Sonja began sugaring in 2017, Kimberly would come home from college on the weekends to help build the sugarhouse, tap trees, run lines, boil syrup, and sell product. She loves being a part of the process and learning about sugaring first hand. Kimberly is excited to not only help in syrup production but to also lead our marketing and social media pages!



Sonja's youngest daughter Britney also grew up in Vermont and is excited about her family's sugaring adventure. She loves to help out in the sugar house with stoking the fire, talking to guests, and making her own maple syrup! In 2018, Britney entered her syrup in the Tunbridge World's Fair!

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